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Toppklass is a jazz trio with their own songs and their own rules. The trio was formed with the intention of ​​creating music without frames or limitations, as an effort to move away from the classical roles that belong to each instrument. Toppklass is a guitar trio, and also a bass trio and a drum trio. Rhythms, melodies and accompaniment move between the musicians in a playful way, and the person who takes command decides where the music should go next.


The compositions contain inspiration from Swedish film music and modern jazz. They tell stories from life. When the compositions meet the trio, anything can happen - the seriousness and melancholy are met by playful, swinging interpretations, a strong interplay and a great sensitivity to the impulses of each other. The listener is invited to music where the joy of playing, openness and spontaneity are in focus.


Boel Mogensen - Double bass

Johan Ekeberg - Guitar

Maria Dahlin - Drums


“The jazz trio Toppklass makes a case for the name”

"The playfulness that characterizes the fine songs is, of course, deceptive. To my ears, this is well-timed down to the smallest detail."

(Björn Stefanson 2022/08/26,

Värmlands Folkblad)

"They twist the melody in the most danceable way and it's great to hear a well interacted trio working together in this way.”

(Gustav Lindqvist 2022/09/15,


Debut album released 26.08.22

on AMP Music & Records

Available on CD and all digital platforms

Toppklass - No.1 (


Order your CD now!

140 SEK + shipping

Thanks to Gustav Davidsson for recording, mix & master, Kajsa Falk & Klara Mogensen for beautiful artwork and Kulturrådet for economic support!

AT0119 Digital Cover.jpg
AT0119 Digital Cover.jpg


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